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Our Process

At Melnick Rosenbaum Wealth Management, we build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our process is intimate, thorough, and is designed to:

  • Identify your current financial picture   
  • Review our recommendations 
  • Create measurable, achievable financial goals with clear objectives
  • Explore varied solutions that incorporate realistic assessments of risk and outcomes
  • Implement and monitor a custom, effective plan that enhances your financial future

We become intimately familiar with you and the way you manage your finances, but we also strive to identify the values that motivate your behavior. We want to understand how you feel about risk, and how adversity — or even success — might alter your actions. We are committed to creating an informed, customized action plan that fits your lifestyle. We invest in your story and endeavor to help you envision and meet each and every one of your goals.

Our expertise, process, and systems have been developed to support and inform you along your financial journey. Furthermore, we have cultivated a vast network of investment, insurance, and finance professionals — each of them certified in their fields and readily available to support your financial journey. We will help you understand and manage your most complicated personal, business, or estate planning challenges.

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